Why this project is important

The OMSSD will provide new bulk liquid import, storage and export infrastructure to enhance our ability to play our part in ensuring that essential fuel supplies continue to reach the UK’s airports, petrol stations and industries that rely upon them. The fuel we supply is critical, both for providing energy to our customers and supporting the wider UK energy market.

In recent years, a number of UK oil refineries have closed or reduced their output. As a result, the nation is increasingly reliant on fuel which is brought to the country by sea-going tankers to import terminals like the Oikos facility. The Oikos facility, therefore, plays an essential part in maintaining a resilient fuel supply infrastructure for the UK.

Our analysis suggests that in the future more fuel will need to be imported. Therefore, more import and storage capacity will be required to ensure that the security of fuel supplies for the UK is properly protected. The enhanced capacity of the Oikos facility will assist in ensuring the resilience, efficiency and flexibility of the UK’s vital fuel distribution network.

Because of the scale and nature of the project it qualifies as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project or NSIP. For more information about what a NSIP is, please visit this page.