The proposals

The OMSSD project will consist of the installation of substantial new marine loading and unloading equipment and related infrastructure enhancement on the jetties that serve the facility. It will also include the redevelopment of the south side of the facility to provide new storage tanks and associated operational services.

The project will be located in the southern area of the facility. Whilst this area previously accommodated bulk liquid storage tanks and has been actively used for that purpose since 1936 – the majority of the old tanks have now been removed. The project will enhance the ability of Oikos to import by sea and distribute vital fuel products across the country, such as diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel and gasoline.

Vessels will berth at one of our two jetties and their liquid products will then be transferred by pipeline to the facility’s new landside storage tanks. The products will then be distributed throughout the UK, via either the national pipeline networks to which the facility is already connected, via road tanker or exported by ship away from the facility.

The delivery of this project will enable Oikos to increase its contribution to the provision of a reliable and safe fuel supply to vital UK industries. The project will reflect the activities which currently already take place at the Oikos facility and which have taken place at the site for some 80 years.

The development will include the following works, namely the provision of:
  • Additional Marine Loading Arms and associated import and export infrastructure and equipment on the existing jetties which serve the facility

  • Additional landside storage tanks, located within compounds, ranging in capacity up to 33,000m3

  • Additional road loading bays and HGV tanker parking

  • Supporting pipework and operational infrastructure

  • A new workshop and stores buildings and an extension to the existing terminal office

  • Upgraded and additional utilities infrastructure

  • Modified and improved security entrance and internal road layout

  • Habitat mitigation and improvements

  • Dredge to the Jetty 2 berth pocket

  • Landscaping